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Tony Feric

Age 22

Birthdate 05/06/1995

Gender Male

Location College Park, Maryland

Occupation Graduate School (starting in September, 2017)

Relationship Status Single

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Hi everyone!! My name is Tony Feric, but you guys can all call me Tigertony! My friends are very important to me and I'm looking forward to playing Sequester because of the opportunity to meet new people from a bunch of cool places. Some of my hobbies include listening to EDM music, photography, hiking and Netflix binge watching. I recently got into reality TV shows and I am stoked to be able to play on Sequester!! I hope you all enjoy season 9.0, it's gonna be LIT!! Peace out, girl scouts! Follow me on twitter plz!

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96% out of 100

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9/10 correct

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I once tried to climb a fence while drunk and sliced my finger open. I went to the ER and needed 11 stitches. Now I have a sick scar and a funny story!