Before applying please take time to read a few of our required preliminary requirements below.

1.1 - You must be at least 18 years of age to apply and participate.

1.2 - The timeline of this game is expected to last up to 2 weeks. You must be willing to dedicate yourself and contribute effort for the entire duration of filming that is expected of you. 

1.3 - You will be required to have up to date technology to be eligible for participation. Requirements listed here:

1.3(a) Access to wifi/ high speed internet.
1.3(b) A google email address
1.3(c) Google Chrome.
1.3(d) Updated flash requirements for Google Hangout.
1.3(e) A YouTube account
1.3(f) A functional High Definition WebCamera and Microphone 

1.4 - Every competitor will be designated plenty of notice of scheduled events. Commitment to notice is one of our highest expectations. You will be expected, but not limited to, spending a minimum of 2 hours a day on the competitors forum.

1.5 - You will be required prior to participation to complete a series of evaluation requirements. By applying for this show you are acknowledging and agreeing to complete the following for your application:

1.5(a) Human Metrics Personality Exam (
1.5(b) A four minute IQ test (
1.5(c) Logical reasoning test (
1.5(d) Short term memory test (
1.5(e) A one minute timed typing test (

1.6 - You must be willing to meet every adaptation of the game and roll with the punches. By completing this application you are acknowledging that you are willing to comply with every possible outcome this game may produce. i.e competitions, twists, eliminations etc. 

1.7 - All materials including, but not limited to, interviews, photos, audio recordings, text conversations etc. collected are exclusive property to producers and will be used for the production of this program.

1.8 - When applying for this program you understand that if selected as a participant, this competition has one grand prize - Grand Title and Hall of Fame entry - awarded to only one participant who is chosen according to procedures established by the eliminated council. 

1.9 - You also must acknowledge during the course of this competition appraisal for prizes is determined by the voting public and any single participant can be eligible or excluded at their sole discretion.

1.10 - By proceeding to the Sequester Application you are guaranteeing unwavering, upfront honesty in contribution to your answers and required test results. You also acknowledge that submitting your application does not guarantee you a participant position


By clicking continue, I agree that I have completely read and understand the terms listed above.