Have you ever made a fake twitter account to spread rumors about people in the game? 


Who is your number one ally in this game?


Did you lie about _______ ?


Are you playing both sides?


Do you have a connection to _________ outside of this game?


Who would you like to take to the final 3?


Who is in your alliance?


Are you throwing competitions? 


Have you ever purposely thrown your vote?


Are you the reason ________ is out of the game? 


What alliance are you trying to split up?


Who is at the bottom of your alliance?


Who do you trust more _________ or ________?


Who is the biggest floater in the game and why?


Did you play an LOS?


Did you hope coming into tonight _______ would be targeted? 


Have you had friends or family members tell you things that happened during the show in detail? What do they tell you?


Who do you think you’re a better player than in the game?


Are you willing to make a game changing move tonight?


Whats your final 6 plan?