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live-in common law partner (we do have some flexibility with experimenting outside of our relationship though)

Tell us in 3-5 sentences about yourself.

I'm a charismatic, passionate, hilarious, perceptive, intelligent, caring, VERY opinionated and outspoken woman, high-functioning stoner, Big Brother and Survivor super fan, proud intersectional feminist and Social Justice Warrior (I don't see it as an insult!), animal (especially dog) lover, fiercely loyal friend, a "wordsmith" of sorts, self-proclaimed "white" (good) witch, social media savvy (Twitter is my favourite), purple-haired tattooed FORCE TO BE RECKONED WITH!! Social justice has become my predominant passion and focus lately, and my hope is that with any additional following I may gain from being on Sequester, I could champion the causes I care so deeply about to a wider audience and hopefully make a more significant impact. I also come with a built-in fan base made up of a group of friends who are Big Brother super fans also, and would become ravenous Sequester fans if I was a contestant.

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What's the most private thing you're willing to admit?

I'm honestly a pretty open book and I don't have all that much about myself that is private - I wear my heart on my sleeve and I am ALWAYS speaking my mind (perhaps to a fault haha) but a few years ago my sexuality would have been private (it's not now, thankfully) which is pansexual! (I am attracted to ALL gender identities and expressions.) It was something I knew about myself at a very young age, but it took more than 20 years to be comfortable enough to first admit it to myself and then to open up to others about it also, and now I fly my rainbow flag PROUDLY!!

What will you bring to the game as a character that separates you from other possible contestants?