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mary cronin

Age 20

Birthdate 02/14/1997

Gender Female

Location Houston, TX

Occupation Singer/Student/NewYorker

Relationship Status In relationship

Tell us in 3-5 sentences about yourself.

My name is Mary Cronin, I'm an indigo Child trying to survive in a Texas with my New York bagel addiction one day at a time. I work as a server saving my tips for bagels, when their not getting confiscated for getting in fights with customers. In my free time I write and sing music in hopes of making it big to support me and my dog Vanilla (Middle name Cinnamon) Cronin, AND to finally take down my arch nemesis Taylor Swift who could never phase me in a rap battle about fuckboys. Xoxo, Lil'Cronin

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72% out of 100

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What's the most private thing you're willing to admit?

I love Bruce Willis in Die Hard more than my boyfriend.