Welcome to the Voyeur Lounge! The live show will begin promptly at 10/9 PM CT. To watch, press play on all of the videos. Mute the volume of all of the rooms except for camera one until the show begins. Once the show starts you can unmute the rooms you're interested and listen in on as many at a time as you prefer. 

To rewind use the scroll feature on the timeline of the video. To go back to real time, just click "Live" on the video. 

If you are watching from a mobile device or tablet, you will only be able to watch one room at a time. For the best experience, we recommend to watch from a computer.




First and foremost, thanks for being an active viewer and participant in the Sequester community. I have always been obsessed with challenging, strategical themed gameshows and it's a dream come true that I have the platform to host one! I created Sequester to share an experience with the diehard fans (like myself) that not only have what it takes to compete, but who also may get over looked in the casting process by major network television shows!

Sequester is becoming more than and Online Reality Gameshow, but a kick-ass community! I can't express my gratitude enough for every person who watches, participates on the website, and live tweets during the game. Your contribution is everything!!

I created this page because patrons allow our community to make small ongoing contributions to help fund the show on a monthly basis. Your support allows me to focus on the development full time. There is so much more I would love to do with this game and the website, but haven't had the means or time to produce it. Both the game and show will always be free to participate in and watch, however every fraction of your support helps so, so much!! Thank you!!

Yours truly, 
Audrey and The Sequester Team

(NOTE: You are completely free to close your patron subscription anytime you need. We completely understand and appreciate your support.)