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Name: Dan Kilby

Age: 22

Where do you currently live?: Kingston Ontario Canada

Current occupation: Residence Assistant/Film Production Student

Describe some of your favorite activities.: I play video games nonstop, make art that challenges audiences, watch a bunch of movies and try to be the knowledgeable I can be about just about everything. Nothing makes me happier than a good, intelligent conversation with someone.

How would close friends and family describe you?: Erratic, paranoid, hilarious, brilliant. I overthink everything constantly. I'm extremely neurotic, but it is kind of my superpower. I'm constantly panicked, and so I've learned to thrive in chaos.

Name a few fun facts about yourself no one would guess just by looking at you.: I organized a successful high school walkout over the morning announcements to let people wear hats, and it worked!

I previously was a losing finalist in another real life reality game - was robbed.

I do a Survivor podcast.

I have read every book on the Time 100 Greatest Books Ever Written - books are life.

I have a double jointed thumb.

Do you have a favorite quote?: In the beginning the Universe was created. This has made a lot of people very angry and been widely regarded as a bad move.

What is your strategy going into the game?: Pretend to like people. This game format greatly benefits people who are direct. Jury management has to almost take a back seat because you don't want to be thrown in the elimination round. Literally my strategy is "do anything to avoid the elimination round". I suck at challenges, and this is a very challenge heavy game. Definitely nervous about that, but I think the trick is making sure you're not 1 or 2 on anyones hate list, and you don't look like a good choice to "shake it up".

Which past Sequester player did you like the most and why?: Kurtis! His energy was contagious. He was so confident in the diary room, and wasn't afraid to seriously amp up the drama. He would dig into people and those daggers struck deep. I adore him as a character, and I hope to be a similar level of entertainment.

What would you say your biggest weakness is in a game like Sequester?: I am very charismatic, and whenever I walk into a room people know that I'm very smart. I can't hide that. I come off like a leader because I am one, and so naturally people love to betray me! I am a nice juicy easy target down the stretch. I can't hide how good I am, and that is always my weakness.

What type of person is your biggest threat in a game like Sequester?: Anyone who is more charming than me. I'm a charming dude. I can sell snake oil to snakes, I can make just about anyone laugh. It takes a lot to out-charm me, but when they do? You damn well know I'm sending them home as fast as I possibly can. I need to be the most likable. I need to be the biggest people person, and I will personally eradicate anyone who rivals me in that department. They are easily my biggest threats.

What type of personalities would you describe as opposite of yours?: Douchey Alpha bros. Toxic masculinity had its time in the spotlight, and the future belongs to people with interesting personalities and unique viewpoints. Brain over brawn any day. 

Anyone who parties a huge amount. There is a demographic of people who drink because they don't have a personality. I can't fucking stand them. I don't care how drunk you are, I don't care what your city is like - talk to me about how you view the world, or something you love. If you are someone who doesn't have passion in your life, I will have no idea how to relate to you.

I can not tolerate people who assume they are bosses or should be listened to. Respect should be earned.

What do you think is the most common mistake that people make in a game like this?: Overplay, make too many enemies. I will 100% make both of those mistakes. I am super confrontational, and that is a bad quality in this game.

If you win Sequester what do you predict the final vote count to be?: Either 5-4 winning narrowly by one vote with 5 people who adore me and 4 who hate me; or unanimous and everyone thinks I deserve it. I am a very love-or-hate person, and the landscape of the jury will basically determine if I win or not.