Jessica Yaeger



Age: 24

Hometown: Chicago, Illinois

Current occupation: Administrative assistant Fun Interesting facts:

• I know American Sign Language

• I am a writer

• I am a big lady Gaga super fan

Favorite quote: “Work hard play harder”

How would close friends and family describe you?: Loyal, honest, fun loving, humorous, intelligent

What is your strategy going into the game? Be as social and outgoing as I can be so I can network with as many people as possible

What type of personalities would you describe as opposite of yours? Rude, obnoxious, not self aware, selfish

Favorite Sequester player: Sindy because I feel like she was playing the best game and did a good job of being well rounded as a player

What would you say your biggest weakness is in a game like Sequester? My stubbornness

What do you think is the most common mistake that people make in a game like this? Playing the game too hard/aggressively too fast - paints too big of a target too early on.

Social Media: @jess_yaeger for both twitter and instagram