Name: Jesse Larson

Age: 25

Where do you currently live?: Saskatoon, SK, Canada

Current occupation: Sales Executive

Describe some of your favorite activities.: Live Events/Concerts, Working Out/Fitness

How would close friends and family describe you?: Hilarious, Outgoing/Sociable

Name a few fun facts about yourself no one would guess just by looking at you.: I LOVE sushi, I can sneeze with my eyes open,
Snake Charmer

Do you have a favorite quote?: “Fuck it”

What is your strategy going into the game?: Befriend as MANY people as possible :)))))))

Which past Sequester player did you like the most and why?: I've only watched a bit of Black Hat. I liked Chris. Seemed like a smart dude/could relate to him.

What would you say your biggest weakness is in a game like Sequester?: I may look like a threat that people will want to get out early.

What type of person is your biggest threat in a game like Sequester?: I think anyone who is super sneaky. If they're my friend on the surface and I can't see through them, they might be able to nab me.

What type of personalities would you describe as opposite of yours?: quiet, non-sociable, people that keep to themselves/are hard to converse with.

What do you think is the most common mistake that people make in a game like this?: I think that people mainly stick to their alliance OR don't HAVE an alliance. I think you need an alliance, as well as good relationships with the majority of the other players in the house.

If you win Sequester what do you predict the final vote count to be?: 5-2

Please list all social media handles you would like us to include on your bio page.: @thejesselarson