how online sequester works


 Sequester is an Online Reality Game Show like never experienced before. Our website is created to offer a unique viewer perspective giving complete access to every move the contestants make, every lie the contestants tell, and every knife that is planted in another's back - all in real time from multiple camera angles!

Voyeur experience

As a viewer you get the opportunity to have a direct impact on every fabric of the game. You vote on twists, competitions, prizes, punishments and so on. Leaving the contestants to adapt their strategy to all that you throw at them!

how it's played

Sequester begins with 12-16 contestants that will be competing in numerous cycles for the chance to be the last person standing. Before every cycle a new "Voyeur Survey" is posted for the audience to decide the perimeters of the up coming cycle. Including and not limited to the LOC (Locus of Control) Competitions, twists, rewards, and punishments. 

 Before the contestants can strategize they will compete in a competition for safety aka the LOC. Once the competition concludes contestants will socialize and strategize with each other for a predetermined amount of time before the elimination vote. Every cycle 1 person is eliminated until only 3 are left standing to compete in the final LOC competition. The winner and their runner up will guarantee them self a seat in the finals where they will appeal and plea their case why they deserve to win to a jury of the eliminated. In the end, the jury will choose one, and crown the winner of Sequester.