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GeorGie Donovan

Age 41

Birthdate 03/26/1976

Gender Female

Location Los Angeles, CA

Occupation Personal Assistant and Arbonne Independent Consultant

Relationship Status Single

Tell us in 3-5 sentences about yourself.

Born and raised in Johannesburg, South Africa but now a United States Citizen, I call America home! I work PT as a Personal Assistant and also coach people through a life changing 28 Day Clean Eating Challenge. I lost 42lbs and you can do it too! I feel like I've got a good head on my shoulders and usually nothing gets past me! People either love me or hate me but one thing's for sure; I'll keep you laughing and probably shock you a few times LoL! I’m the whole package: the accent, the curves, witty, confident, flirty, sexy and super competitive. I’m decisive and when I know what I want, will do whatever it takes to get it. I also LOVE BEING RIGHT!

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What's the most private thing you're willing to admit?

LOL, yeah I am pretty much an open book and super transparent. But if we need to go there.... it's probably that I've never had an orgasm during intercourse. I've only recently come into my sexuality thanks to my ex boyfriend/fiance.