Dustyn Schroeder



Age: 28

Hometown: Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Current occupation: DJ

Fun Interesting facts:

• I am a competitive pinball player.

• I have a Tipi tramp stamp tattoo.

• I am an ordained minister.

Favorite quote: “Too weird to live, and too rare to die”

How would close friends and family describe you?: Extremely outgoing and funny

What is your strategy going into the game? Make a connection with a single person fast and then try and get a solid group going to ride out the whole game with. I believe in strength in numbers.

What type of personalities would you describe as opposite of yours? Shy, quiet introverts or abrasive people who are constantly angry or upset

Favorite Sequester player: Amanda because I admired that she played the game and didn't get personal about it. She is fun and a blast to watch. Or Jesse because I think he kept his options open for a lot of the game which I saw as a good move at the time and also think we would've gotten along well.

What would you say your biggest weakness is in a game like Sequester? I would say staying focused on the game when I'm making friends and definitely have a weakness for beautiful women that will cloud my judgement.

What do you think is the most common mistake that people make in a game like this? Trusting too many people at once.