Christen Williams



Age: 22

Hometown: Raleigh, North Carolina

Current occupation: Student/ Waitress

Fun Interesting facts:

• I'm only 5'1, but I used to be a Track and Field hurdler. It freaked my coach out when he saw it too.

• I used to competitively eat

• I've been kicked out of a bar.

• I read tarot cards and have psychic abilities in general.

• I was ranked #1 in the state of North Carolina for mathematics for 3 years in high school.

Favorite quote: “Greatness is hearing your truth and speaking it no matter how your voice shakes.”

How would close friends and family describe you?: My friends would describe me as the "charming bubbly mad scientist" (that's honestly the best way to describe it). Everyone says I definitely walk to the beat of my own drum and that I'm not scared to show my true colors, and I love it that way! Even though my thoughts are sometimes mad or insane sounding, anyone who knows me sees there's a method to it and that I'm right more often than not. This combined with my upbeat bubbly personality adds a nerdy charming flavor to my personality.

What is your strategy going into the game? For my strategic game, I'll use my experience as a mathematician to look at all of the variables and really evaluate those around me. I'm used to having to account for EVERY SINGLE variable, and I think the social politics of any game like Sequester works similarly. I won't miss a beat.

As for my social game, I consider myself awkwardly charming, which I think will allow people to let their guard down around me. I have all the traits of an intimidating person without actually being intimidating. Nobody when they first meet me assumes I'm the mastermind, even when I'm very obviously calling the shots. I have a baby angel face which REALLY helps me to play this type of game, because I am always SEVERELY underestimated.

But at the end of the day, I want to just be myself and do what feels right!!!!! I want to align with people who I feel are willing to make moves with me, and also people who are willing to feel some pressure and take the road less traveled. Pressure makes diamonds after all ;)

WITH THIS BEING SAID, I won't be afraid to go with my GUT if it decides to scream at me. I'll try to tune in to the partially psychic part of myself if a situation seems cloudy using just logic/emotions.

All these factors, plus making sure my agenda is known and not being scared to be outspoken will be a deadly combo.

What type of personalities would you describe as opposite of yours? Followers, people who give up easily, fake people, quiet people, obnoxious people, people who are try-hards, etc. (there's a lot)

Favorite Sequester player: Kim Mattina!!!! Not only is she as sweet as a southern peach, but I SCREAMED in awe at her gameplay!!!!! She did exactly what I hoped someone would do during the season!!!! She called out the person (Hamza) who was calling the shots, and she did so fearlessly!!!!! She never gave up and she shocked the hell out of EVERYONE!

What would you say your biggest weakness is in a game like Sequester?

I'm 5'1 and barely 100 pounds, so definitely any challenges that rely on physicality/strength. I'll never be able to lift as much as the jacked muscular dudes you guys cast (but they can lift me :P )

Another potential weakness could be my inability to bite my tongue at times. Passion burns bright in my soul.

What do you think is the most common mistake that people make in a game like this? People who DON'T LISTEN TO THEIR GUT and let fear hold them back!!!!!!!!!!!!! Aaaaaahh!!!!!!!! They know deep down they have to make a move, or that the person they are trusting doesn't REALLY have their back. Yet they don't do anything about it. They brush it off as paranoia. Even the people who are "huge" game players are guilty of this by trusting the wrong people and not listening to their gut.